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Lisa Prosser-Dodds

Dr. Lisa Prosser-Dodds inspires people to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. From her early years as a family therapist, to her achievements as a top-ranked national speaker, and now as a subject matter expert in the theory of Grieftypes, she makes a profound difference in the accomplishments and enjoyment others realize in their lives.

One of the great joys of her life is the opportunity to share her ideas as a keynote speaker and trainer with groups throughout the country. Whether her subject is Grieftype, team building, emotional intelligence, leadership, or communications, her audience always takes away a rich variety of ideas to enhance their abilities in life and on the job.

The co-author of the acclaimed professional resource, Games for Change! and a trained mediator, crisis responder and grief coach, Dr. Lisa is a speaker of depth and broad appeal who brings a new dimension to the lives of any audience fortunate enough hear her speak.

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