Grief Coaching

What is Grief Coaching?

As a grief coach, I provide coaching to those experiencing grief following the death of a loved one. Grief Coaching is not grief therapy. While almost everyone is faced with the overwhelming feelings of bereavement and grief, not everyone needs therapy. Most people will be able to move to a new normal after a loss, but will benefit from a Grief Coach with the tools and expertise to skillfully accompany them through mourning their loss. Each journey is individual and as a Grief Coach, I believe in companioning those who are traveling their own path, with:

  • Support
  • Understanding
  • Care and Comfort
  • Tools for achieving joy and fulfillment
  • Vision for the future

Grief Coaches provide:

  • A sounding board for decision making.
  • A vehicle for professional and personal growth.
  • A means of motivation for strong, positive action.
  • A steadfast source of unconditional support and encouragement.

Grief Coaches understand:

Each individual has the ability to heal, address issues, confront challenges and take action after a loss. The role of the grief coach is to bring these attributes to the surface at a time when they may not be apparent to a struggling survivor. Grief Coaching isn’t solely focused on the individual’s improved emotional state, but also involves forging a positive vision for the future and creating strategies for achieving specific life goals with an emphasis on action and accountability.

How and where does Grief Coaching take place?

If you live within the Santa Cruz, CA vicinity, you can meet with Dr. Lisa personally. If not, you and Dr. Lisa make contact over the phone for an agreed session time, usually 3-4 times per month. There is flexibility in that you can talk with her where ever you are and anywhere in the world she might be that day.

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