Lisa blends education, enthusiasm, humor and real life examples to deliver a highcontent, life changing message. Her ability to recognize and remedy self defeating thoughts and behaviors sets her apart and distinguishes her as an expert in human behavior. With exceptional insight Lisa delivers a message of encouragement balanced with accountability. Adept at facilitating peak experiences Lisa brings moments of personal transformation to those in her audience. She is an expert in lifting up the resilience of the human spirit.

Earning her PhD in Psychology was a dream come true, through hard work and discipline. Along with her education, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge as a business owner, coach, trainer and consultant. As an expert in human behavior, Lisa is skilled at developing and cultivating individual and team leadership. With over twenty years of experience in personality psychology (MBTI) Lisa skillfully brings enlightenment and understanding of why people do what they do! Lisa has shared internationally with thousands of audiences, bringing her unique message of resilience and leveraging potential to maximize outcomes.

Lisa’s partial client list includes:

United States Air Force, WalMart, FINRA, SONY, AAA, Department of Defense and the FDA

Keynote and Seminar Topics

Leveraging Emotional Intelligence one hour keynote to full day seminar

IQ is a number your are born with … EQ is the ever-expanding ability to manage personal emotions and emotions in relationships. Lisa will teach you how to leverage people skills and emotions in order to lead and succeed.

Turning Adversity Into Advantage! one hour keynote to full day seminar

Resilience … turning adversity into advantage! In this dynamic session, Lisa reveals the 3 key attributes of resilience and how to cultivate a spirit of resilience in even the most difficult situations. From her stories as a crisis responder to her practical application of the theory of resilience, your team will benefit from her 25 years of experience and education in the resilience of the human spirit.

Conflict Happens! Resolution through Effective Communication one hour keynote to three day institute

The absence of conflict only occurs when dead. The question isn’t if conflict will happen, but when and most importantly how will the conflict be resolved. This training introduces the five styles of resolution that resemble some of the coolest and cutest animals in the zoo: Shark, Turtle, Fox, Owl and Teddy-Bears! This training gives you a toolbox filled with tools to resolve conflict.

Teams are made of Characters! one hour keynote to full day seminar

Part of the dynamics of team-building is understanding the diversity of personalities. Each member has a personality style made up of preferences regarding energy, information, decision making and approach to life. This training gives participants a basic understanding of the four components of personality and how each style contributes to the team. Diversity of personality can be a source of dysfunction or the key to team success. Lisa brings thirty years of personality expertise to this topic! You will come away with a new and deeper understanding and appreciation for yourself and your team.


“Lisa was interesting, funny and dynamic. She comes across as real and believable, getting you out of your comfort zone which opens your eyes more to the content of the course.” 
– Leslie, Hocksett Police Department

“Lisa is a very engaging speaker and is very experienced in practicing the material taught in the course.Her real world experiences brought the points home.”
– Louis, Freecell Energy

“This was intimate but not intrusive and hugely illuminating. Lisa completely connected the lessons and insights to the people in her class.” 
– Donnalee, SeraCare

“ I loved your presentation in NYC. You are the best! Loved your style and I had a blast at your seminar. Lisa you rock and even your tattoos are cool. Please come back to NYC soon.” 
– David, Aramark

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